Living out in the sticks one cannot ignore that you are surrounded by nature. Natural forms have always been an influence but recently I have turned to the wildlife that lurks in our countryside. We are often visited by foxes, rabbits, deer, squirrels and the garden and fields are full of many types of wild birds. Located just a stroll from the south downs and a stone’s throw from the Sussex coast has enabled me to create this new collection of work, called Tales of the Countryside. In them I’m exploring not only the animals found locally but also the symbolism within their forms.

I have discussed this is my blog: Symbolism and Jewellery 

Story Pendants

Story pendants are a a group of pendants which depict images, or mini dioramas which tell a story. The story might be obvious, but could also be only know to the wearer of the piece. Images that hold deep significance. I use local landmarks and a selection of british wildlife to create symbolism. I love the idea that these pieces can be used to create a tale within a piece, that can be given to a recipient, almost like a piece of folklore.

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