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My working life is divided into making, teaching and selling what I have made.

Teaching goes on all year round apart from a break over the summer and Christmas.

Making tends to go in peaks and troughs throughout the year, but reaches its busiest in the months leading up to winter and in the spring. Previous to big selling seasons there is a lull in sales which gives which gives me the opportunity to reboot, stock take, design new work, try and predict what will sell in the next selling season and then make it. That is where we are now!

My busy selling seasons tend to be May-July and then November -December. All the while working on bespoke pieces and commissions for direct customers.

So the Christmas selling season is so very important to my business, and around 30% of sales are made between November and December.

This year is no exception. There are several opportunities to make a purchase. Most sales are made in person, but I have just added to my FACEBOOK shop and also have work available on FOLKSY

So where can you find my work between now and Christmas?

From the 31st October my work will be on display in a Pop-up Gallery in Worthing its called The Montague Gallery.
Open Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm until the end of December (Closed Christmas day and Boxing day)

The Gallery will be displaying the work by 33 local and Sussex based artists. The venue has been painstakingly decorated to achieve a gallery finish which will really set off the work from the Artists and Makers.



Light up shoreham event in Shoreham by sea Friday 7th Dec 2018

Light up shoreham event in Shoreham by sea Friday 7th Dec 2018

Steyning arts at ChristmasSteyning Arts at Christmas which I have participated in from its inaugural year. Its such a great show withwork from local artists and Makers, accompanied with Tea and Cake which is sold to raise precious funds for SAfer (Steyning Area First Emergency Responders)  A one stop place to buy all your special gifts!







And last but not least, I will be holding and Open Studio 8th -16th December. 11am to 4pm.

This year is my 20th year in business, and I just though I’d mark this milestone by inviting nine local artists and makers to exhibit in my studio, which was a former stable. It seems quite fitting given the time of year. So, please, do join us in the Stable for a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie, and to enjoy the variety of goods on display for purchase.




Call 07866835640 or EMAIL for more details.


It’s nearly ‘that’ time of year!

Every professional artist maker is hectic this time of year, making up orders or getting stock ready for sales, I’m no different.
The only problem for me is that my kids lives seem to go on extra busy too! So I become the juggler.

I’m currently getting all the stock sorted for:


And also Steyning Arts at Christmas


Getting ready for Christmas means that my stock design turns to making gifts, these do tend to be smaller pieces which are slightly more affordable and so slightly more available.

This year I am concentrating on helping raise money for Breast Cancer Care in memory of Jane. She was one of my students who battled with cancer for many years but lost that fight this summer.











I do love this time of year as I get to meet all my customers, who I may only see once a year. It’s fun to catch up! I enjoy making jewellery that I know is appreciated by others and bought with love!

If you would like to come an visit my studio please do get in touch.

Have a lovely festive season.

Visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Santa Fe is a town in North America, it’s high up in the Rockies mountain range making it a curious place. The sun seems to be always shining, the air is clear, it is dessert like and dry with pinyon and cacti growing. However, the ground can be covered in snow from November to April.



Unlike some other parts of North Amerca, New Mexico is steeped in culture. Santa Fe has a huge artists community, with creatives and actors in a huge abundance. There is rich diversity with a huge Hispanic/Mexican influence in feast day celebrations and customs. On Christmas Eve we visited Canyon Road in Santa Fe to experience the farolitos and luminaries. A tradition in New Mexico, initially these small bonfires were lit to light the way for people to go to mass on Christmas Eve. More recently children would carry farolitos as they reenact end the Las Posados. Now people use the lights to decorate there path to there door and to out line there roofline. People visit from miles around. Some say there is ever more spiritualism with thing this custome, as the lights also guide the spirits. It’s a time to reflect and remember too.





Also, however, Native Americans stand assertively within this mixed.
Yesterday, my family went to visit Cochiti Pueblo near Albuquerque
it was an amazing experience, we gained a small insight in to a completely different way of life. One that has deep routed beliefs in tradition and ritual but has been touched on by modern day American life. The dancers and drummers learnt a routine, steeped in meaning, orally as history is past down that way. The dancing went on for hours, many subtle meanings were completely lost on us as outsiders.
Our Christmas Day was peppered with traditions coming from all around the world, we had stockings for the children, a Christmas tree, we cooked and ate a turkey roast followed by a British trifle, New Zealand Kiwi pavlova and a chocolate log. We then lit the kiva outside in a adobe walled patio.






It’s all about earrings

A couple of weeks ago I took a little bit of time out to design and make some earrings. Normally, I always leave earring making to the last minute, before an exhibition. I decided to do things differently this year!!! I now have plenty of earrings ready for Christmas sales ranging from £20-65. My favourites are the hydrangea studs, I did these in a drop earring too. These may not make it general consumption, they might get smuggled out of the workshop!!!!