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Spring time






Spring time for me is one of the best times of year! Everything is bursting back into life after the winter. It is also a time of great promise, the gears are set into motion for the rest of the years exhibitions. Applications processed for all the up coming shows and open houses are filled in and stocks is prepared ready.
It seems to have been a busy few months already!
I have been asked to exhibit in two Open Houses in Brighton this year and have been heavily involved with the organisation of the Steyning Arts Art trail.
I will also be taking part in Henfield garden and arts event in June. This sees the conclusion of my eight weeks with no weekend breaks! It’s hard work but a necessary evil when you work for yourself! I love meeting the people who buy my work, it’s the closure of the circle for me, it’s weird not knowing your client.
Today I’m off up to London to take my work up to the annual exhibition for The Society of Botanical Artist, I have been a member for a few years now and am one of only a few non painter members. The exhibition is always brimming with gorgeous images of botanical life, a highlight on my calendar!






It’s been a while!












Since the busy summer I have taken a look at life! Getting divorced is part of this but also the intricacies of just juggling every day life. My autumn resolution is to do more exercise.

Part of this has involved sticking to my Zumba classes with Clare in Steyning on a Monday and Thursday night, but I have upped the anti by also taking a walk for an hour or so three times a week. Some days are harder than others.

However, it has meant that I’m exploring the country side, trying to go on a different walk at least once a week. Walking in the fresh air is great. I also love taking photos whilst there.

Above are some of my favourites.

I have also started to look more, just to slow down a bit and actually see things. We are all very good at rushing from A to B without actually seeing the world around us. Rain drops and dew drops are a new fad for me! Just wondering if I can replicate this in my jewellery!!!!

The calm before the storm

Generally between January and April is a quiet work time for me. I continue to teach my Jewellery making workshops but use the rest of the working week to source new outlets to sell my jewellery, apply to exhibitions like Made- Brighton 2013 and to generally promote my work. I have been a little hammpered by the weather this year which has meant that I have had to put off trips to galleries and cancel some classes, but all in all I’m happy with the progress I’ve made this year so far.
I have too new outlets, The Tollhouse in Lindfield and Whispers in Steyning and continued having my work in Created in Chesterfield, Heart Gallery in Hebdon Bridge and Julian Stephens in Brighton.
I have had my work accepted for the Society of Botanical Artists Annual Exhibition in Central Hall, I am a member of the Society, but still have to have the work selected to take part in this fantastic Flowery Exhibition in the heart of London!!

Beautiful Moonstone Studs £48

Green Pearl Bracelet with Ivy Charm

Turquoise earrings

Mixing it up a bit with this garnet set pendant which I have strung onto a two strand mixed bead necklace £130

Lace imprinted Heart Studs £25

Bangle with Ivy Charm £70

A very snowy studio stopped play for a few days earlier in the year!!!

Ivy leaf ear studs £48

All laid out, the basic shapes for a few pairs of earrings

Ivy necklace with triple pearl necklace in green £150

Two pairs of heart studs £25 each

Double bangle with Oak leaf charm and peacock pearl


Small Heart necklaces ideal for wedding jewellery shown in white and black pearls but could be made in any colour pearl

It’s all about earrings

A couple of weeks ago I took a little bit of time out to design and make some earrings. Normally, I always leave earring making to the last minute, before an exhibition. I decided to do things differently this year!!! I now have plenty of earrings ready for Christmas sales ranging from £20-65. My favourites are the hydrangea studs, I did these in a drop earring too. These may not make it general consumption, they might get smuggled out of the workshop!!!!

Summer and Autumn

I always look forward to the summer as a time to take things easy and recharge my batteries. I’m very good at using the kids being around as an excuse to switch off a little. This year has been no exception. I have made sure that they have been first and for most, at the end of the day it’s only a few weeks.

I have used the time to catch up with myself though. This means that when I get back to the bench proper, I’m ready to go full steam ahead for Autumn and Christmas!!!

I have just received my latest lot of silver gilt pieces back from the platers and I’m full of grand plans and great designs for the new season.

Rich colours like turquoise, red and purple are on my list along with silver pearls!

I’m off to a trade show on Monday so watch this space for lots of lovely goodies, can’t wait!!!

This an exhibition which I’m taking part in in a wee while, if you like Botanical Art this is a must. I am always inspired by exhibitions like this and I don’t even paint!!

My Extended Studio Space

My Studio is in a converted stable/farm workshop across the yard from where I live. In the 1990’s my Dad converted two bays of the building into a studio with office space.

This has always worked very well, however as a way to earn more money I teach. I have always been frustrated by the space. I was able to work with five students comfortably, which

was fine if they were all beginners, but more and more I’m finding that my beginners are becoming self sufficient and so more space was required!

My ex started the concrete laying in February and it was finally finished last month, yippee!!!

This is my space now, I have my bench looking out into the yard, and I also have two spare benches for renting out per day or half day. I love the fact that I now have space to leave project laid out!

Here is my collection of pliers and cutters, will need to get some more to put in my teaching area! And this is my hearth for all my soldering needs.

Most of my equipment is very old, most older than me but it is all in working order and fixed when my Dad comes over!

This is the new teaching space, windows on two sides and lit by strip lights so no more working in your own shadow!! Here I can seat 6, and there is room for two more over the other side of the room.

The room always had loft space which is so handy, as the space below was a general dumping ground before!!!

For more details about classes look at www.klawriejewellery.co.uk/classes


ImageThese boys are members of Worthing Gymnastics Club Boys squad, recently they have won a huge collection of medals from some floor and vault competitions in our area. The boys attend WGC which is one of the few clubs in the region that focus specifically on boys recreational gymnastics. Well done to the all. They all work hard and this is paid back by all the competitons they win!!

ImageA bit of a tenuous link, but my silver gilt work has been a bit of a winner this summer too. I had several pieces plated in 22ct gold as a bit of a trail and it seems that this has been a good idea. I have sold nearly all of the work.

ImageThis work is a nice alternative to solid gold at a fraction of the price. The piece still has the depth of texture that I achieve in my silver work, but have the golden hue of a high carat gold!

ImageThe crown featured here is another winning creation, I was asked to make by my son’s school. Thankfully, they did the hard work, by getting 420 children to make and decorate cakes. All I had to do was make a couple of crowns. These where then used as toppers for the huge tower of cakes. We were very lucky with the weather for the Jubillee Party as is didn’t rain, however we very nearly lost the cakes to the winds!!!

Artists Open House at The General in Ditchling. East Sussex

Images of the first weekend of our Artists Open house. We are using the first floor room at the General which is a great restaurant/cafe in Ditchling, East Sussex.

Art in Ditchling is an off shoot of the Brighton Open Artists houses, these are generally artists homes which in the month of May become ‘galleries’ which are open to the public. As part of the Brighton Festival Fringe.

Open houses have been happening in Brighton for about 30years. the concept came about when a group of artists decided to represent themselves and wanted to ‘meet there public’. It really enriches a piece of art or craft when you can meet the person who made, designed or painted it. The idea has spread far and wide but the origins are firmly based in Fiveways, an area of Brighton that has a very rich artists community. There are over 200 artsts open housese this year.


I love taking part in Open houses, even though it means no weekends off for over a month, because I get to meet people who really enjoy seeing and buying my work. I meet like minded people, exchange ideas,  hints and tips. It can be a real laugh meeting all kinds of people, from all walks of life!!


Ups and downs

A bit of an odd week this week work wise!!!

I’m in the midst of getting ready for various ehibitions at the moment, but its also a time when I hear about several exhibitions I applied to take part in March.

I received a letter toady from Craft in the Bay, a great gallery in Cardiff Bay who hold an exhibition in the summer for various selected British craft makers,

unfortunately it was to advise me that I hadn’t been selected this year! I will apply next year and see what happens.

I have also had an email from the MADE 2012 – Brighton selection panel to say that I had been unsuccessful with that application too. However, I will pursist on this one too,

I believe that my work is of a very high standard so just needs to be chosen, my customer can’t be wrong can they?!

The ups this week are that I went to London today to recieve my diploma from the Societ of Botanical Artists. I was selected to be a full member after a six year application and selection

process. I was really pleased to be selected, I am one of only a handful of jewellers who can exhibit along side a membership of mainly botanical painters.

Another up is that my studio extention is nearing completion, can’t wait!!!!


Very busy this week getting ready for various exhibitions happening over the next few months.

The first is at the Capitol in Horsham, West Sussex. https://tickets.thecapitolhorsham.com/PEO/gallery_default.asp

Next week I’ll be setting up at The General in Ditchling, East Sussex. As part of the Art in Ditchling which will be on for the first four weekends in May.

I do find getting work for an exhibition stressfull, however once that is all done and the exhibition is all set up I love selling my work and meeting my customers.

It is great getting feedback on my work even if it’s negative!!!

I look forward to meeting up with regular customers, and friends who use the exhibitions as an excuse to come and see me to treat themselves.

Selling jewellery in this economic climate has been come more of a hard task but at the end of the day quality sells.

Hand made work screeches out to the client, buy me I’m special, I’m a unique piece of jewellery and, hopefully, worth every penny!!

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