ImageThese boys are members of Worthing Gymnastics Club Boys squad, recently they have won a huge collection of medals from some floor and vault competitions in our area. The boys attend WGC which is one of the few clubs in the region that focus specifically on boys recreational gymnastics. Well done to the all. They all work hard and this is paid back by all the competitons they win!!

ImageA bit of a tenuous link, but my silver gilt work has been a bit of a winner this summer too. I had several pieces plated in 22ct gold as a bit of a trail and it seems that this has been a good idea. I have sold nearly all of the work.

ImageThis work is a nice alternative to solid gold at a fraction of the price. The piece still has the depth of texture that I achieve in my silver work, but have the golden hue of a high carat gold!

ImageThe crown featured here is another winning creation, I was asked to make by my son’s school. Thankfully, they did the hard work, by getting 420 children to make and decorate cakes. All I had to do was make a couple of crowns. These where then used as toppers for the huge tower of cakes. We were very lucky with the weather for the Jubillee Party as is didn’t rain, however we very nearly lost the cakes to the winds!!!